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Welcome to Gajogo Safarilands

<strong>Welcome to Gajogo Safarilands</strong>


Mozambique, Africa.  A place where not that long ago books composed by famous raw authors* such as Harry Manners, Ian Nyschens, and Brian Marsh told of true events, bigger than life…of living, loving, and hunting in a place lost in time. They gave us a glimpse into the past where you did not have the luxury of simply viewing nature; you became part of it.

Welcome to paradise from owner-operator's Gary and JoDee Goltz (Ga Jo Go).  Challenge your sense of adventure: flee the mundane and embrace your return to nature.  Escape with us to discover why Gajogo truly is... "Unique in Mozambique."

State of the Art Conservation casts a new mold for wildlife management to increase wildlife populations through Anti-poaching, Wildlife Research, Capture and Translocation projects, Habitat Improvement, Education, Indigenous People's Welfare, and intelligent Trophy Hunting. Gajogo Safarilands was "Conceived in Minnesota but born in Mozambique."  It is in our blood, our DNA; it is what we do.  We are "America's Safari Company."

It's a new day, and Gajogo is leading it moment by moment, always grounding its future in the Golden Age of the past as the benchmark for real Africa.


From its inception in 2001, Gajogo Safarilands has set its sights on recapturing this heralded past and was lucky enough to find exactly the perfect place to do it: Coutada 9 (Coutadas were set up by the Portuguese as large tracts of wild lands to support wildlife conservation and hunting).  Uncivilized, road-less, unfenced, and by and large uncharted by today’s specifications, this 1.1 million acre wildlife paradise was made famous by the men who hunted this land in its Golden Age.  Gajogo is now researching, tweaking, producing habitat, implementing capture programs via helicopter and trucks, so that the animals that were decimated by war can now return to Coutada 9 to rekindle its legendary past.


The iconic authors who wrote about Mozambique were ultimately forced to swap their mighty big bore rifles, for something their weathered hands, aching bones, and uncertain steps, could no longer do. Their razor-sharp minds powered the pens* that would record the stories to cement their immortality. Through their memories they put you in harm's way of elephant, buffalo, lion and other worthy opponents of more than a half century ago.  Into a place where none of these men would have ever left, albeit for age and war.  Their books* take you there virtually, and Gajogo Safarilands takes you there literally, to where their footsteps, and now yours, walk in yesterdays legendary past.  

A place where wilderness, local culture, game, diverse terrain, and the raw elements of nature combine to make your safari, be it photo, birding, or hunting, reminiscent of Africa’s Golden Age.  A place where wildlife competed for breeding rights, water, food, and survival was battled out, and eventually won by the biggest, meanest, and most cunning of the species; where only those victors were able to pass on their genes. That combination has produced modern day Coutada 9, a wildlife panacea destined to fill your long forgotten prime-evil instincts to evolve back to the wild.  Welcome to Gajogo Safarilands.  We make Coutada 9 doable.

*Kambaku by Harry Manners 1986, Months in the Sun by Ian Nyschens 1997, Baron in Africa by Brian Marsh 1997. Link to Safari Press for info on these and other great African Literature books.

What clients say about Gajogo

"Awesome lion hunting."  

...Armand 2013

"Really enjoyed the fantastic food.  Very friendly and helpful staff." 

...Johan 2017

"Gary, JoDee and the entire staff have been amazing.  The trip to the village is something I will never forget.  Fair warning:  you will see me again." 

...Crystal (Excursion) 2015

"It was all we had hoped for in a hunt.  The food was excellent.  PH worked hard to get us our animals" 

...Robin and Mike 2015

"The food was amazing...delicious." 

...Billy 2015

"Really enjoyed the hunting trip.  Trapper and the PH were all you could ask for." 

...Lee 2015

"Your staff was great.  Would live to take them back (home) with us."  ...Virginia, 2019

"So much fun to see the wild Africa that Gary and JoDee have carved out of the veld. Not to mention you are spoiled the entire time." ...Brian 2022

"No words can describe the experience I've only dreamed of since childhood!! Nature at its finest. A threat or a promise: I will be back. ...Karleen 2019

"...great experience. Saw lots of game, and (tasted) the finest cooking this side of heaven." ...Bob 2022

"We learned so much and feel so blessed to have experienced these wonders of this earth." 

...Sue (Excursion) 2018

"Great hunt, great food, great people, great time." 

...Bill 2014

"National Geographic said it best, Mozambique is truly the diamond of Africa. Every morning that I wake up in Gajogo, I feel so blessed." 

...Lori (Excursion) 2017

"I came to Mozambique for a photo safari.  Gajogo dramatically exceeded all my expectations." 

...Pam (Excursion) 2015

"Coutada 9 is a most beautiful concession...timber has never seen logging. 
The Camp staff:  professional in every way." 

...Jack 2017

"Great time, I'll never forget my 69th Birthday party on Trapper's mountain.  Hoping to return..."  

...Bud 2014

"We knew this trip to Gajogo would be epic.  And it was!!  Everything from the chalets, food, and staff was beyond what we had imagined."  ...Leah (Excursion), 2019

"...service is 5-star, and the view from camp is breathtaking. But perhaps the most impressive is Gajogo's success in Conservation. (Having witnessed) ample game numbers in 2013...the animal population has increased 5 fold (in 2019). ...Brian 2019

"...a wonderful experience. The hunt was the animals I wanted. Had a blast!" Steve 2019

"The staff was so attentive that they take care of you before you realized you had a need." 

...Pam (Excursion) 2015

"Fantastic!  Gary and his staff created an unforgettable time!  Would recommend Gajogo to anyone wanting to experience Mozambique." 

...Lori 2013

"Gary has put together a wonderful first class experience." 

...Pam (Excursion) 2015

"Great time with new friends.  Lot's of animals." 

...Greg 2014

"Absolutely the best hunting experience to date." 

...Jimmy 2013

"Mozambique is something to see.  Unexplainable! ...Virginia 2019

"I just can't say enough about our experince at Nhama Tika and beyond!  It was by far the most fun I've had with my clothes on.  The shooting and the sights were better than I could have imagined."  ...Scott (Excursion), 2019 

"...a perfect 14 days. Lots of game, friends, great meals, drinks, and scenery. The staff are truly experts at their craft...rivals a 5 star Hotel." Brad 2021

"The camp is unreal, the staff is so great, I'll be trying to figure out how to get back here with my kids." ...Trygve 2022

" Gajogo is creating the template for the future of the African safari industry." ...Brian 2019

"A herd of 39 elephants (in coutada 9) crossing in front of us, fantastic.  Thank you for inviting us to experience your world with you.  It was unforgettable." 

...Verna (Excursion) 2018

"Really good food...enjoyed eating my own meat cooked by local Chef." 

...Gary 2015

"This is a place we would love to return to!" 

...Byrd 2018

"The best African hunt so far in my life.  I cannot list all the animals...but of the 17 I did get, three were the little 5...much better than expected." 

...Spongee 2015

"This is the most hospitable staff I have ever encountered, and have stayed at many fine hotels."  

...Missy 2014

"We appreciate all the effort you put into this hunt.  Nothing more could have been done."  ...Bob, 2019

"Being at Gajogo was the 6th best thing I've ever done in my life.  The first was marrying my wife..."

...Lee 2019

"If you want to experience wild-ass Africa and not a game farm Gajogo is your place." ...Lee 2022

"The (safari) sounded wild, and I'm into wild. This was my 4th trip to Africa and it was the wildest yet. Loved seeing no one but camp scouts in the concession. I absolutely loved the challenge of hunting truly wild game in their native environment." ...Matt 2022.

THE LIONS OF COUTADA 9            Video courtesy of Neil Duckworth




At Gajogo Safarilands hunting just isn't our business. It is our passion. From elephants to tiny Grysbok every attention to detail drives the hunt that is scientifically optimized to increase herds of healthy breeding-age animals.  It always starts at the range where we discuss bullet selection, shot placement, shooting on and off the "sticks," stalking, tracking, ambush hunts, or game calling. NO stones are left unturned. Bring your guns and bullets, or use ours for free. Experience hunting like never before that both improves wildlife populations by harvesting the select old "big" stock while you get spoiled by the amenities that Gajogo has perfected. Pleasant wake-up calls, warm showers, clean safari cruisers, ice-cold drinks, delightful conversations around the fire, breathtaking scenery, and game that teases your capabilities by its ability to vanish. Experience the Golden-Age of hunting first hand...the way it used to be.   No fences, no farm raised animals, nothing but wilderness, and lots of it.  This still lives at Gajogo Safarilands, and its home is Magnificent Coutada 9.  Come as a client, depart as a friend. Try us on; we are a comfortable fit.

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At Gajogo Safarilands, photo safaris mean much more than just taking pictures. They mean finding adventure...and with Gajogo we start by getting you off the beaten path. Welcome to adventure on steroids: for the people who want to break the title as tourist...without breaking the bank. Gajogo customizes your desires with our knowledge to build you a dream trip. We can cater to the ladies, the honeymooners, the guys, the families, or all of the above. Photo safaris are done in Coutada 9 by hunting with a camera, while Excursions are custom designed to get you out and about virtually anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa. They may include transportation, lodging, delectable meals, friendly guides, experienced suggestions, and we stay at your side (as much as you want) for the entire trip. Transportation will be as needed for the trip...safari cruiser, sports utility vehicle, balloon, airplane, or on elephant...whatever it takes. If you thirst for adventure, Gajogo is your fountain. Come and drink.

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At Gajogo Safarilands birds rule.  They are everywhere.  From 5 species of doves to ground hornbills, Gajogo is crawling (or should be said, flying) with activity.  Rollers, stilts, bee-eaters, herons, storks, vultures, hawks, cranes, secretarybirds, guineafowl, bustards, jacanas, pigeons, parrots, turacos, louries, cuckoos, owls, nightjars, mousebirds, kingfishers, hoopoes, tinkerbirds, tits, honeyguides, woodpeckers, larks, swallows, martins, drongos, orioles, bulbils, nicators, thrushes, chats, robins, warblers, cisticolas, flycatchers, batises, broadbills, hyliotas, wagtails, longclaws, pipits, shrikes, tchagras, oxpeckers, sunbirds, sparrows, weavers, indigobirds, finches, canaries, and buntings. 

That's not half the bird species as known.  Gajogo is in a wilderness, virgin timber, rivers, mountains...the birds love it.  Seeing them is one thing.  Shooting a worthy photo, is quite something else.  And don't forget the animals.  They need photos too!  Come and take your best shot!

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