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3.15.23. GREAT NEWS. Visitors to Mozambique are no longer required to obtain visas for their entry into Mozambique. This will lessen the burden for our clients, but even more so, for we who arrange your visas. It has always been a major issue. To get clearance now into Mozambique, simply go online to their platform for per-screening at least 48 hours prior to arrival into Mozambique. A normal 30 day stay, renewable for an additional 60 days, will be permitted by simply stamping your passport at the border. I will be traveling there in May, and will report back the pros and cons of this seemingly huge step forward for Mozambique. ...Gary

3.15.22.  Visas into Mozambique.  Currently all visas into Mozambique are again being issued.  Guns are being imported by clients. Life is returning to normal. Tourist visas are being issued at the Airport in Tete (our anchor point for our clients).  No need to apply at the Mozambique Embassy in Washington DC. Thank you for your patience.  It's time to discover Mozambique; to step back in time and experience safaris the way they used to be.  Albeit with much finer accommodations. We look forward to seeing you at our campfire on Nhama Tika Mountain. We urge you to experience the difference Gajogo makes.

2.1.22.  The Wuhan Coronavirus is on the way out.  While the world fought the virus, Gajogo continued to fight the poachers. After being able to return last August, Gajogo accomplished 2 great safaris. The animals were more plentiful, and the trophy quality was superb. Gajogo's poaching staff remained on duty, all day, every day. They were truly "The Keepers of Coutada 9." We cannot thank them and all of you who helped us get through these very difficult times. Thank you!

Now, we need you back in the bush.  Don’t give up.  Be excited to return knowing full well that your safari, regardless the type, is more than just personal excitement and pleasure.  It is the lifeline to Mozambique’s wildlife destiny; its financial engine. And you are its fuel.

Gajogo Safarilands leads the way.  Our unique position of being "Conceived in Minnesota - Born in Mozambique;" breeds the best of both worlds.  Conservation is in our blood, our DNA; it is what we do.  Building ‘native’ relationships bonded to our vision absent historical baggage is a close second.  Together they spell success.

We do look forward to your return to our campfire.  We are "America's Safari Company,"  and right now we are open and ready for business. But projects still need funding, and poaching never stops.  So if you’d like to donate any amount to the tax-deductible 501(c)3 Gajogo Foundation, it would be put to work instantaneously.  Go to the “Gajogo Foundation” button on the menu bar (above) to discover what the Gajogo Foundation is, does, and the many ways to donate.  Also contemplate how far your dollars go by funding Conservation, and not CEO’s, CFO's, and staff.

As members of the Mozambique Safari Operators Association we urge you to ponder the 60 second video below built in the midst of the Pandemic. We remained on duty and awaited your return.  All of us; guardians of desolate places.    We did what we said we'd do. It worked. We are ready. Your next adventure is a simple phone call away...+1 952 818 0514: ”MOZAMBIQUE AWAITS YOU”