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Camp Nhama Tika

<strong>Camp Nhama Tika</strong>

Gajogo’s hallmark camp, Nhama Tika, was designed to provide magnificent 30 mile vistas in all directions.  Sitting atop its name’s sake, Mount Nhama Tika, darkness produces not a single artificial light to spoil the serenity, or the stars...anywhere, any night.  Each stone tent chalet has its own amazing vista and comes with all the amenities such as classy ensuite toilets, rainwater shower heads, unlimited hot water, fluffy comforters atop comfy beds, soft sheets, My Pillow pillows, luscious towels, and romantic traditional mosquito netting (no cots, no sleeping bags, ever).  Normal American electric outlets are installed in each Chalet and provide 220v African electricity via our whisper quiet generator.  No need to bring electric adapters nor transformers.  220v should accommodate all of your normal electric requirements, but if you need 110v, we have that available also.  As America's Safari Company, Gajogo is here for you..



Laundry is collected, cleaned, ironed and properly pressed with ember heated irons (yep, just like a century ago...coals right out of the fire), folded, and returned to you every day. Coffee or Tea is delivered each morning with a cheery African wake up.  Bottled water is always available, but the tap well-water is fine to drink if you so choose.  Food is prepared to order in “underground ovens” or over open fire with courses prepared from the game you harvest.  Beer, wine, and your preferred cocktails will be waiting for you upon your return to the campfire to relax and assimilate your thoughts about your day’s adventures in the bush.  Relax, we’ve got your back.



One last thing, unique to Gajogo Safarilands, unless specifically approved by the affected parties, only one party is permitted to utilize Gajogo Safarilands at a time. So, you never have to worry about who else might be in camp. When you're in Gajogoland, you are our center of focus, and it all belongs to you.  Nope, there are no extra charges to meet our standards.


Located within the Manica Province of Mozambique, Gajogo Safarilands is situated about 30 miles south of the Zambezi River, and about 50 miles east of Zimbabwe. The closest city is Tete, which is about 90 air miles to the northwest, while the legendary Gorongosa National Park is about 80 miles to the southeast. Gajogo Safarilands is truly in the heart of Mozambique’s most famous wildlife range. The land is made up of numerous “stand alone” mountains ranging from 500 to 2500 feet above the undulating jess and savanna areas that are etched by numerous river flowages snaking their way into the mighty Zambezi. Impregnated with rock outcroppings (called kopjies) Gajogo Safarilands is loaded with as much glorious wildlife habitat as it is breathtaking beauty.         


As compared to Northern hemisphere conditions, weather at Gajogo Safarilands is warm. Its summer months run from September through April, where daytime highs reach 85-105˚F; nights cool into the 60-70’s.  Winter runs from May to August where daytime highs run 75-90˚F, and the nights can get quite chilly in the 40-60’s. Rarely there might be a spot of frost at higher elevations.  The rainy season starts around the first of December and runs through the end of March. The rainy season can be equated to Florida, where torrential rains are intermingled with beautiful blue skies. It is not generally gray, overcast, or cool (however, getting to experiencing this climate is very cool).