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Phone (USA or Africa):

                    HUNT WITHOUT CONCERN OF BAG LIMITS:            Everything is fair-game

<strong>                    HUNT WITHOUT CONCERN OF BAG LIMITS:            Everything is fair-game</strong>


Photo Safaris are Gajogo's most challenging hunt because they dig thoroughly into all facets of Coutada 9:  Natives, Birds, Wildlife, Scenery, Mountain/rock climbing, Exquisite dining, and the Creepy crawlies most gun-hunters prefer not to see.  Photo Safaris are not for sissies, and redefine the meaning of TOURIST.  Possibilities are only limited by your sense of adventure.  And it all starts by getting off a trail well-traveled.  Gajogo prefers no trail at all.  Just like hunting safaris, photo safaris are designed to meet your interests and desires, while realistically considering personal limitations.  No two are alike, but all include a daily "Safari Cruiser" PH or Licensed Guide, driver, spotter, and occasionally a chef; all trained to make your dreams come true.  Also like hunting safaris, there maybe a lot of walking or even climbing.  Consider discussing possible physical capabilities with your physician to help define your expectations.  Welcome to the Dark Continent.  Now go get your Mojo on.

Note: All photos (right) taken within Coutada 9.


Excursions leave Coutada 9 and go almost anywhere you'd like to explore, and it is done with safety, efficiency, and adventure as fundamentals.  Designed to cover the more popular destinations such as Cape town, the Cape of Good Hope, the Wine Country, any of the 286 National Parks (Kruger, Gorongosa, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Amboseli, Chobe, Etosha, etc), plus many honey-holes in between, Gajogo will get you in place to fulfill your most extravagant dream.  Each Excursion is unique, and customized to your specific requirements.  Also unique to Gajogo, excursion prices always include a guide to lead your way to (and stay out of your way when appropriate) through all destinations.  Lodging, meals, and airfare may or may not be included based upon your wishes.  There are no limits to the adventures found in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Gajogo insures that you can wade into the adventure without fear of what lies ahead, or how deep the water may get.  We have your back.  Relax, sit back and drown in the splendor of the Dark Continent. It will be the purest water you've ever encountered.

Note: All photos (left) taken outside Coutada 9.